Danaja Jai is a singer, songwriter, and producer.  

She wrote her first song at 8. She wrote a chorus and two verses, one verse for her and one for her younger nephew who was 5 at the time.  Since then, she has always held music near and dear to her heart. Danaja Jai spent most of her youth writing rap lyrics and not taking her craft seriously.  It wasn't until the age of 24 Danaja Jai had an epiphany and decided to find her own happiness and optimistically pursue her dreams. Music was always her passion, but she was afraid of the dark.  

In late 2016, Danaja Jai decided that she did not only want to start recording her songs but also create the production behind it.  So she went and purchased the software and self taught herself how to produce music.  She had no prior experience playing any instruments, but melodies always sounded like words to her.  She felt like every time she touched the keys she was telling a story.  During those moments she realized it was deeper then music it was even deeper then her.  It was about the connection of humans, a way to express oneself, and a way to communicate on a level that everyone could understand.  There was no language barrier in music.  

Danaja Jai's music style is eccentric to say the least.  There is no box she desires to live in.  She creates whatever sound that comes to her head. Although there is no particular genre she claims most people would associate her style with a combination of Neo-Soul, Pop, Jazz, Hip Hop, R&B, and Gospel.  Her idea is to build and manifest her own unique wave of different sounds and intergrate them together. With her distinctive raspy voice and simple but intricate melodies you never know what you're going to get from her. 

"Music has been my serenity through the tough times in my life.  I am able to connect with myself and God.  When I make music I inspire myself with the hope to inspire and motivate others." 

-Danaja Jai 

Danaja will be releasing her first single "Naked" April 1 the single is a foundation story of how she is becoming the woman she is today.  

She credits her gospel upbringings as being one of her biggest influences.